UH’s Dr Chip Fletcher Presented Spectacular but Devastating Climate Crisis Report

8/16/19 #kihei #climatechange #climatecrisis
If you do not take the opportunity to attend these frequent free evening events – “Sea Talk” – in Maalaea each month, maybe you should. Last evening the acclaimed  educator and researcher from UH at Manoa, Chip Fletcher, offered a visually enthralling, educating  and entertaining presentation. We expect it would have been so wherever presented, but it was truly enhanced at the “Globe”, the new dome theater at the Maui Ocean Center (MOC).

Full of history of the world climate and glimpses into the potential dire future, it was, in a way, very depressing and offered little hope, as our species seems hell-bent on world wide destruction by refusing to make reasonable choices and changes. It offered numerous actions that could begin to “turn the tide”, but sea level rise, jet stream alterations, coral reef destruction, mega storms, record breaking heat, water shortages, population migrations and much more are already here.

He left the attentive audience with the single most important action we could take: go to a plant based diet.

The closing MOC announcement was that the next free public event is Aug  21, 2019 at 6 PM, a panel discussion concerning the Lahaina injection well situation, and the County’s decision to take the matter to the US Supreme Count later this year. Do not miss that one.