Where? Well the list is getting longer. About 18 months ago the Council said (MCC 13.04.20) no smoking at all County beaches and parks, but guys kept reporting there was little apparent change. When questioned about enforcement the Administration and Legislative branches went to finger pointing . Park Rangers, Ocean Safety Officers, Residents were thrown out, but not solutions. Hoiw about signs?

After about a year, the non profit, Hawaii Public Health Institute, http://www.hiphi.org informed the Alliance of Community Associations that their understanding was the Parks Dept was having this new prohibition added to the list of existing ones on an all encompassing sign. https://gokihei.org/environment/butts-to-budgets-to-ag-rates-alliance-shows-variety This plan was confirmed to KCA by the Parks Director Buenconsejo at our July 21 Community Meeting. https://gokihei.org/news/community-questions-answered-at-july-21-general-membership-many-beyond-original-meeting-scope We waiitd but see no signage like this.

However, this morning (Labor Day) , we encountered this one at Kalama Park. IMG_1496







 We have never see this sign posted anywhere, but any signage is a step forward.                                                      








Now the Council is outlawing tobacco use at all County Bus Stops.                                                                                                                           Enforcement? Signage? We’ll be watching.