Oxybenzone in sunscreen; employment control of Councilor’s staff; firing Director Taylor and sand mining moratorium all for another day

12/4/17 #kihei
We ask understanding that our volunteer time is limited, but we do our best to keep the community informed, so this is what we understand transpired today.

Public testimony took ALL day until 7:00 PM Friday, and today at 9:00 AM the elected officials had their opportunity to discuss and take action. Discuss they did, but actions amounted to moving the matters to another day before making any definitive decision.

So Dave Taylor remains kept out office while fully compensated. Deputy Director Baisa remains in charge of the Water Department.

No change to sale & use of the Oxybenzone chemical which is contributing to killing our coral reef system, basically because Corporate Counsel will not sign off on the bill. Action seems months away.

Council members Executive Assistants CANNOT be fired by the Council Chair or majority action of members, but only by the specific member whom they assist. For now.

Lastly: 17-167 Sand Mining Moratorium deferred, but may yet be decided this year.

Next Council meeting is 12/15/17 at 9 AM.