Council’s IEM Committee Meeting Monday Afternoon

NO, it is not for KCA, but for MNMRC, addressing wastewater affect on kai in South Maui

#kihei 3/17/17 With so much community focus on our ongoing scientific marine water quality study, we had some inquiries if we were the ones organizing this meeting in the Council chambers on 3/20 on the eighth floor. We plan to testify, and our membership meeting guests back on 11/16/16 (SEE included old friend Steve Parabicoli, who has a major part in this in the view of Elle Cochran and her committee. However, the credit for this is not ours. Our job here is just to alert the community of the established meeting of the Marine Resource Council (MNMRC).

You can show up Monday 3/20 at 1:30PM to submit your comments and opinions or submit that in an email to

Meeting details are available at


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3 Responses to “Council’s IEM Committee Meeting Monday Afternoon”

  1. Thanks for posting this, KCA!

    MNMRC greatly appreciated the opportunity to speak with Maui County’s Infrastructure and Environmental committee members regarding “Options to Improve Coastal Water Quality in South Maui” by Steve Parabicoli. We especially enjoyed all the questions and comments from engaged committee members afterwards. The full presentation airs on Akaku.

    Subsequently we submitted specific recommendations for actions which could be included in the County’s 2018 budget with sufficient encouragement from community groups like KCA and MNMRC.

    Lets continue to support County efforts to improve coastal water quality in South Maui.

  2. we are a family of 4 who used to live on ewa place in kihei and had a wonderful recycle system that came to our home…we moved to north kihei and apparently this amenity is gone. instead we have trash twice a week, which is ridiculous, we never fill our trash that much…so we would like to know if it’s possible to bring the recycle to north Kihei, which would actually be more efficient. Thanks for your time Aloha

  3. Mahalo for your inquiry. TODAY 4/27/17 the Council is considering abandoning the entire 3 can plan for ALL of S Maui, so government is looking to go into exactly opposite direction. KCA testify yesterday to keep the plan in place. Our suggestion would be for you to quickly express you opinion to Council as well as environmental management department , as it seems likely if they discontinue the entire program in our area now it would take years to get it back with possibility of expansion to your region in N Kihei