3/16/17 #kihei In the past few County Council Budget and Finance Committee meetings, there has been discussion (BF-129) about Concessions and Sponsorships in County Parks & Recreation Facilities. So this is not a specific South Maui concern, but county-wide, but of course the outcome affects all of our parks. As the intent is to establish policy, your opinion matters.

A random example: this morning the Maui News front page addressed the long-awaited gym to be constructed in our community park, which the P & R Director now estimates at $20M. If an international corporation offers to donate a sizable amount toward this cost, if the facility is named for their business, are you in favor? Does it depend on the type of business? Is that too much a mainland concept, not Maui style? How about granting concessions at the parks to generate funding?

However you see these matters you should let the Council know as policy is being developed, not after it is established and settled. Get involved.

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