UPDATE 12/15/16   9:00 AM tomorrow morning Council has first reading ( 2 are required) and KCA again offers testimony in strong support.  You can too.

11/28/16. This afternoon, after hours of public testimony and  committee and department discussions IEM-05 (polystyrene food containers “ban”) at Chair Cochran’s committee, a revised version (how many times?) was then amended a few times unanimously (5-0) before finally passing unanimously. It now has to proceed through two full Council meetings, likely first on 12/16/16, but then as this year expires, possibly on Friday the 13 of January for second and final. Whew!. As the effective date is not proposed  until 2018, perhaps then our environment will receive one manini improvement

Neither IED or PIA Committees take any legislative action  today 

10/31/16 We think it would be reasonable to say most of 23 testifies at the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee of the County Council expected passage of both measure IEM-56 (Plastic Bag Reduction) and IEM-05 (polystyrene <styrofoam>containers) this afternoon, but when Chair Elle Cochran asked for Corp Counsel comment, he advised committee’s regular counsel Thompson, who was not available, had not had time to evaluate  either bill, so she had to defer both..

  • The vast percentage of testimony incluimg_4626dimg_4643ing img_4644 img_4645 img_4646 img_4647 img_4649 img_4652 img_4654 img_4655 img_4656 img_4659 img_4661 img_4663 img_4698  KCA, was in favor of passing both bills, but were left disappointed.

This morning the PIA Committee advised going in on the highly complex homeless situation (PIA-61) and five proposed bills from the mayor’s office the meeting was for discussion only, and no action would be taken, so that was the expected outcome

  • Look for professional reports  in the     img_4673 img_4657img_4687img_4680 img_4701 img_4689 img_4688 img_4686 img_4640 img_4693img_4681 Maui News on both meetings for more setail

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