12/9/16   We commend the entities grouped to reformulate the Makena resort for their continuous open communications.  

Ka’imi Judd and Leahi Hall of Makena Golf & Beach Club and Ed Divita of Discovery Land Company once again welcomed a trio of KCA directors at the Makena Resort Hotel this afternoon to offer updated information and answer all questions.

Since after receiving what we considered a good drainage plan after build-out, we still expressed concerns about runoff during construction. But after the meeting we believe they are going beyond what County requires as Best Management Practices (BMP’s), which KCA believes are inadequate, & incorporating a number of KCA BMP’s. (See picture with KCA BMP’s highlighted.)

Following the guidance of Dr Amanda Cording for green streets principals, green roofs (roof gardens), ecological engineering, porous pavements, rain-gardens and more, the team revised much of their preconstruction planning.

As far as the timeline, there is good expectation that the first two segments could break ground this month by contracted builder Goodfellow Brothers.img_4914 img_4915 img_4923 img_4916 img_4918 img_4920 img_4921 img_4922 img_4924 img_4925 img_4926 img_4927 img_4929