3/11/20 #kihei 

For a long time, the ironwood trees makai of South Kihei Road at the location of the old Maui Lu resort greatly slowed the blown sand onto the highly used road. 

Sometimes the trees had to be trimmed  back from the very narrow stretch of the road, which has no sidewalk, bike lane or shoulder.


Monday 3/9/20








Now they are being completely removed as the former Maui Lu property converts to a project by Capbridge Pacific LLC, proposed as “Maui Bay Villas” or apparently now officially Maui Bay Villas Beachfront Development.

This may be the start of a weeks-long road closure.   Is it possible this developer may not be aware that this tree removal will result in an increasing amount of sand blown onto South Kihei Road, which could cause potentially dangerous tire slippage.??