UPDATE 5/26/17  Well, WELL, WELL!  This morning all the X‘s are gone. What do you know.  But we will be watching

UPDATE 5/25/17  With BIG mahalo to S Maui Council member Kelly King and her team, here is the situation as we understand it.

The Parks & Rec Department unequivocally intends to remove all of the marked trees , but no immediate action , as not funded, and must follow legal bid process to contact the job. The motivation , initiated by the So Maui Parks Division is due to homeless individuals who congregate in the area of the community center. The Department is willing to have on- sight , night time (probably after 9:00 PM )meeting with the concerned community including your Association. The future plans include replacing these tress with fewer new ones.  So once again , stay tuned

5/25/17  #kihei    Do all those RED X’s on the trees mean removal? We need input and information as we have none except observing about 40 tress are marked with X. Our concern is rash actions without reasonable community awareness and input. Let’s insure this concern is thoughtfully considered. Stay tuned.