5/25/17  #kihei   With a number of visuals “loaned” to the senator from school consultants G-70 (formerly Group 70) surrounding  much of the room, there was little doubt that the StateEducation Departments High School project to be built in Kihei was her prime focus, and seemingly the major concern of most attendees, about 30 in number, including KCA. But  not the only one. Updates on Makena State Park, Maui County Hospitals and health care were included.

   There was the very discouraging input from Sen Baker last evening (Thursday) in her report of the DOH HS mauka Pi’ilani. When questioned by a resident who apparently saw the traffic study based on Dan Burden’s design, she poo pooed it, saying something to the effect that a lot of plans & designs are often put out there but are impracticable. Further questioned about underpath, she said the same. Seemingly a traffic signal at the intersection is seen as the be all solution
We asked about State LUC imposed condition for over or underpass, and while she agreed it was there, she claims DOT & DOE are meeting with them to change that
. We need to check to be sure, but seems State LUC would have to have a public meeting to remove such an imposed condition, & we should fight strongly to insure it stands The safety of our south Maui students is at stake here...