While less than 25 guys attended this very informative presentation at the Whale Sanctuary on SKR yesterday (12/13/13) at noon, they were the fortunate ones to see only the third viewing in Hawaii, which followed one offered to the Maui County Planning Dept that morning. Serendipitously for this KCA report about Sea Level Rise, the small number in the room had numerous Association relationships.

Th presenting trio of extremely knowledgeable young scientists, Geologists Tara Owens (who will be presenter at 1/21/14 KCA Community meeting) and Dolan Ebersole of U H’s Sea Grant Program, and NOAA’s Ben Reder, offered a very informative compilation about a topic of huge concern to the world, but especially those who live along the coasts, rising sea levels.

One feature of the presentation was the introduction of national sea level rise viewer produced by the NOAA Coastal Services and recently updated with data for Saipan, Guam, and Hawaii in partnership with the University of Hawaii. You may access it at www.seagrant.soest.hawaii.edu .

Among those in the audience were past, present and future KCA Board members and committee members. In addition Lauren Campbell who represents both PWF and the Surfrider Foundation, and offered us a great presentation on Climate Change earlier this year at the public community meeting on August 20 attended as well.

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