KCA Reviews A & B’s Kihei Residential Project* Committee has 2 meetings on 12/18 in KIHEI!

UPDATE The Maui County Council’s Land Use Committee will meet  on the project this Wednesday 12/18/13 at  5:00 PM meeting at Lokelani School. That is the time to offer your opinion!

This morning (12/9/13) Grant Chun of Alexandra & Baldwin (A & B) offered the KCA Design Review Committee an update of their Kihei Residential Project situated near the “gateway” to Kihei, mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in the vicinity of Kaiwahine. This North Kihei 600 unit residential project, is composed of mostly multi-family and some single family, with manini commercial structures, to basically support the project residents.

The committee voiced a series of concerns about the sizable development.

A & B’s team, led by Chun included Mike Goshi, Matt Nakamoto, Natalie Kiehm, Dan Yasuiand Leilani Pulmano advised they now expect construction to the revised project to be ready to proceed.

For some history, see prior post  http://www.gokihei.org/development-project-review/kca-will-examine-large-a-b-project-proposed-for-north-kihei

Your Association offered A & B a review of the current rendition on the project.:  IMG_6946.JPG


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One Response to “KCA Reviews A & B’s Kihei Residential Project* Committee has 2 meetings on 12/18 in KIHEI!”

  1. I am totally against the Kiawahine Village Project more now after yesterday’s meeting, than I was before. I can’t believe they are forcing this development on the people that live in Hale Piilani and do not want this additional traffic.

    Excuse me but you’re talking 800-100 additional cars daily coming onto Kaiwahine Street! The noise alone is going to affect all the homes that live right at the “only” exit and entrance, especially the few houses that are rither there at that spot.

    Are they crazy! The should put the exit and entrance at the new intersection below Kaihwahine. What’s it going to take, a fire or any other kind of emergency that can’t be responded to because of all traffic. Maybe the people of Hale Piilani subdivision will think about getting a class action suit and sue the government and A&B for the loss of “quiet title” to their homes. Let’s put this right next to their home and see if they would approve it then.

    We can NOT allow this re-zoning. There are still an extreme amount of condo and housing foreclosures and short sales that bring the prices down to “affordable” that these people are talking about. The schools are filled to capacity which means our children are not getting the full education they deserve.

    They need to leave this property agriculture and bring in the local farmers whom A&B properties kicked out. It’s pretty sad when government officials do not listen to what the people want and only succumb to the pay offs by the developers.