UPDATE The Maui County Council’s Land Use Committee will meet  on the project this Wednesday 12/18/13 at  5:00 PM meeting at Lokelani School. That is the time to offer your opinion!

This morning (12/9/13) Grant Chun of Alexandra & Baldwin (A & B) offered the KCA Design Review Committee an update of their Kihei Residential Project situated near the “gateway” to Kihei, mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in the vicinity of Kaiwahine. This North Kihei 600 unit residential project, is composed of mostly multi-family and some single family, with manini commercial structures, to basically support the project residents.

The committee voiced a series of concerns about the sizable development.

A & B’s team, led by Chun included Mike Goshi, Matt Nakamoto, Natalie Kiehm, Dan Yasuiand Leilani Pulmano advised they now expect construction to the revised project to be ready to proceed.

For some history, see prior post  https://www.gokihei.org/development-project-review/kca-will-examine-large-a-b-project-proposed-for-north-kihei

Your Association offered A & B a review of the current rendition on the project.:  IMG_6946.JPG