At 6:00 PM this Thursday 12/19/13 at Lokelani Intermediate School (Lipoa and Liloa Dr), it is your opportunity to have your say on the Pedestrian Route Study for the new proposed Kihei High School to be constructed mauka the Pi’ilani Hwy at Kulanihakoi St. How will high school students walk or bicycle to the school? Along that highway!? If they use local streets, how will they cross the 4 lanes of undivided motor vehicles going 40 (ha ha) mph?

The money has been allocated to build the school, with predicted opening in 2018, so NOW is the time to insure a sound plan is in place for a reasonable practical way for the student to walk or bike to the new school. We can learn from our history. Had the long discussed, proposed, etc. North South Collector Road been built with sidewalks or pedestrian paths and bike paths, most students attending our existing two elementary, middle and the Charter schools could do so. Instead majority are driven to and from school by parents, which adds congestion and pollution, and reduces the needed physical activity of the kekei.

KCA encourages everyone to attend this public meeting to express your concerns. Working together, we can make this a better place for everyone.