UPDATE 11/1/18  MAUI TIME report on the event

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10/26/18 #kihei
With a 9:00 AM kick off, the Kula Makai Aha Moku took the initial step in an educational informative action plan, with the first segment being a blessing/groundbreaking of a project to help define the location of South Maui makai river gulches and ahupua’a (district) boundaries, starting with signage along our North-South roadways. The very first sign was erected on South Kihei Road (SKR) mauka in front of Kenolio Park this morning.

Hosted and organized by the moku po’o (leader) Vernon Kulanikau, and attended by about one hundred guests, the overall signage plan was explained both in words and visually at the gathering.

You can get more information at https://www.facebook.com/kulamakai/

Also in media see this in Maui Time:


and look for an event report this weekend in Maui News.