On Monday (5/11/15) evening at the regular spot, Kaunoa Senior Center just off the Hana Highway, the Alliance of Maui Community Associations welcomed guest permaculturalist, and old KCA friend Michael Howden who coordinated with another KCA friend Lucienne de Naie to inform the gathering of Association directors and a few community attendees to address an always popular Maui topic, water.IMG_1273





More specifically the so called “Show me the water bill,” and current attempts to change the law.

Are you aware of the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Water Committee, a panel including former Council Chair Alice Lee, now heading up gomaui, Inc. major developer Charlie Jencks, A& B’s Chubby Vicens and our Michael, among others, to decide on changes to the ordinance, and report to the mayor by June. We sure were not.

Included here is an outline of the ordinance (Quick View) in Q & A form offered to those attending to facilitate the presentation and  following discussion.

Your Community Association had two directors participating that evening. Next meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2015.