UPDATE 5/27/15  Maui County Urban Design Review Board (UDRB) has announced its June 2 (Tuesday, 10:00 AM) meeting agenda, at 250 S High St in Wailuku which will include this proposed project, and we encourage community participation, if you are concerned. We plan to submit testimony.

11/22/14   While there is no definitive answer to this question at this time, they are certainly considering it. For the second time, representatives of the firm met with our Design Review Committee (DRC), most recently on Tuesday morning November 18, 2014, with a scheduled meeting with the County Planning Department that afternoon. The prior meeting last August, see https://gokihei.org/environment/is-walgreens-coming-to-kihei-drc-very-busy was an exploratory one, but this week’s, again at the KCA office, was for a formal “Scorecard” evaluation based on plans presented to the committee.

Participating again was Tom Schnell of PBR, Darren Unemouri of Unemouri Engineering with the new face of Jeff Benner of Benner-Stange Architects of Oregon. Among the many topics discussed and to be scored was flooding and drainage at the propose location made more pertinent with a Kihei shower a few days before the meeting.IMG_9479 IMG_9484 IMG_9472 IMG_9448 IMG_9453

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