8/11/17 #kihei
Yes the devastation continues along the Pi’ilani Highway, and as the chopping and hacking of trees was exacerbated today, so did the volume of communications to us.

Guys here are some pictures from late Friday morning. As we previously reported, to the best of our understanding this action is not being taken by the State, but by the Homeowners Association (HOA) officials of the Pi’ilani Villages, I II and III. Seemingly they have determined that the mature grove of Monkeypod trees is located on their property and have decided to take this action.

We think it is a horrendous action, and detrimental to our community, but we can only alert the community.

Contact info:
Pete Mueller <pgmueller@gmail.com>
Sunny Palmer (CPMMI) <spalmer@cpmmi.com> or 808-243-8600 ext 206