9/2/17 #KIHEI
Public Access Room (PAR) makes an annual visit to many sections of our island each year in preparation for the following year’s state legislature session – SEE: https://gokihei.org/education-2/you-can-make-our-state-government-better. Learn what role the committees play, when is legislature drafted, is a phone call worth more than an email, and much more.

They have eight meetings this year on Maui, and two of them are in Kihei at Kenolio Rec Center in north Kihei. As they state, this is a non-partisan effort to inform individuals and groups how to be most efficient and effective when trying to influence the actions of the state legislature. In addition they offer guidance of the working on the state legislative website, www.capitol.hawaii.gov.

Yes,  this is the date of our membership meeting,  but they do offer an afternoon meeting that day so you can make both meetings in a single day in Kihei.