UPDATE 9/7/17  Very disappointing meeting as very little was revealed to the public. The deputy department told the committee to look at the data he furnished.

9/5/17 #kihei
Over the past several years our “Design Review” committee (DRC) has reviewed a number of proposed South Maui “affordable” housing projects that were brought to KCA and we have reported our opinion on this Web site. Whether they are 100% affordable or a mix of affordable & market rate; for sale or for rent; under construction or no, we try to keep you informed. With our limited numbers and resources (imagine how much more we could do with more volunteers (like you?) we try to follow them through the process to see any progress and hopefully to fruition. Even projects developers choose not to bring to our DRC are monitored. But it can be overwhelming.

Therefore it is good to see that the the County Council’s Housing committee (HHT) will ofter updates on eight such projects this Thursday afternoon (9/7/17 at 1:30 PM) in Council chambers. Old (Honua’ula / Wailea 670 from 2008) or new (Keala o Wailea from 2016) large (700 units) or smaller (16 units), they will all have a status update from the Department.

We look forward to the report.