UPDATE: 3/3/16

OK decision has been made. Date and time 3/10, 5:00 PM remains the same, but we have a new location. UHMC   Pilina Multi-Purpose Room, 310 W. Kaahumanu Avenue, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.  If you are aware of the campus, it is the student lounge or what used to be the old cafeteria. If you have any questions, please contact Kim at 270-7761, Sharon at 270-7137, or Clarita at Maui County during business hours



Due to Council Committee scheduling a special meeting, the Council Chambers is not available for this committee’S scheduled meeting on March 8. Thus they are scrambling to make adjustments- STAY TUNED.

Some residents believe this is the most important current topic in the County, as it could effect how we are governed beginning in 2018. This volunteer committee was established at the end of last year by the County Council, charged to determine whether a county manager form of county government would improve management and operation of the County. They have a six month time limit, & if approved by Council, would be on the ballot this year as a potential charter amendment.


The eleven member committee, based of one for each county area, plus 2 “at-large” guys, meets every other Thursday. After several semi weekly meeting in early afternoon, the next one has been set for a 5:00 PM start on Thursday March 10 in Council Chambers on the eight floor. If mid day meetings have inhibited you for offering your opinion here’s a opportunity. Public testimony has pendulumed from just a few to over twenty. Perhaps this “lucky” seventh one at a new time can set a new high of resident comments, and YOU could be part of that