4/30/24 #kihei #downtownkihei

Downtown Kihei from Krausz Companies has a long history going back over 15 years, and KCA has continuously maintained open lines of communication (SEE  https://gokihei.org/?s=krausz). Their plans for development on both sides of Pi‘ikea have undergone numerous changes in that time, including what we see now, bringing in 3 Leaf from Oahu for three phases of affordable rental housing currently under construction on the South side of the street – https://gokihei.org/environment/krausz-proposes-affordable-housing-for-downtown-kihei-project.

It looks like they are setting up posts all around lot as if it was going to have a dust fence in place

But beginning last week we saw work across the street next to Yee’s Orchard. It started small kine and many guessed it was going to be a base yard for the construction of the affordable rental housing. But yesterday it seemed to be way more than that.

Is this setting up for major construction on the North side which has been proposed for commercial business, including a hotel?

So what is going on here? It seems that  3 Leaf is taking on the the responsibility of constructing the offsite improvements and infrastructure work.  This is so the work is done when they are ready to pull the Certificate of Occupancy for their first phase of housing. The offsite permits for the widening of Pi‘ikea include drainage structures on the north parcel which in turn require the mass grading of the north site. So no, this is not the Downtown Kihei project commencing. No buildings  on that side at this time.

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