8/31/17 #KIHEI
At long last this morning at about 9:00AM the last community without a county gym is joining everyone else and at some point we will have the newest gym in the county. The traditional ceremony of officials, interspersed with speeches, was the order of the morning, and it was something for the community to celebrate. For KCA, it was an honor to be included in the ceremony and especially to be singled out by our South Maui Councilmember Kelly King as the only entity there not collecting a paycheck.

The question now is when will the community be able to start using it, but this was not addressed save a humorous mention of December in some year. While we may dream it could be this December, we do expect it to be December, 2018.

Managing Director

Proposed rendering

So. Maui District Councilor

Parks & Rec Director

Kahului’s Council rep

Mayor’s EA

Going back to S. D.

Maui County Mayor