Community shows very strong concern about overdeveloping South Maui

When retired professor Dick Mayer began to list the proposed developments in South Maui at the 9/17 Community meeting, an audience of about 80 watched  with interest, but as he continued with more and more, and the growing total swelled by thousands, many were riveted to the list of statistics. Private residents have a potential of  thousands, and when coupled with the commercial development, as well as government development, the likelihood of increased motor vehicles could be 100%. However there is no proposed infrastructure corresponding increase by anyone. To insure the audience would be able to retain the data after hearing it presented, handouts were available to all in attendance .

County Planning Director Will Spence followed up the presentation to advise the membership that many of the projects “on the books” likely would never be built for a number of reasons, in spite of the fact that they legally could do so.

The meeting opened with a short presentation by Irene Bowie, Executive Director of environmental group Maui Tomorrow, explaining the simplest process to contact the State Dept of Health, Clean Air Branch concerning air pollution. A recurring target is the dual actions of cane smoke and fugitive dust which both result for the H C & S harvesting process of sugar cane in South Maui.

The nominating committee  (nom-com) to select the 2014 BOD will be chaired by our Treasurer Patricia Stillwell, announced President Mike Moran, before  the membership elected Andrew Beerer, Greg Stratton, Randy Wagner, Harry Hecht. and Moran as committee members. Anyone interested in volunteering for the board should contact any of them to set up an interview.

The Oct 15 community meeting, the last public meeting, will address community organizations.

Look for professional reports of the meeting in the the Maui News and Maui Weekly


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One Response to “Community shows very strong concern about overdeveloping South Maui”

  1. Paula Kalanikau October 1, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Why more develpoment when we are so crowded as is and our infrastructers are so incomplete. What about our water, traffic, environment and that includes spilloffs. Take a walk down the ocean and have a good look at the water and its surroundings. We need to have a moratorium for a few years.