Both creatures were the subject of a public meeting at the Cameron Center which overflowed the room on Wednesday (9/11/13) evening. Billed as a joint presentation by Humane Society of the United States, (HSUS) Maui County and the Maui Humane Society (MHS), a panel of six from the three organizations plus Feline Foundation of Maui’ s  President Jennifer Drout advised and informed the attentive audience on numerous aspect of the wild or feral population of both on Maui. One had to wonder what took so long to start to examine this long expanding (exploding?) issue.

Indications of importance and concern could be measured in a few ways: Mayor Arakawa opened the meeting, a few Council-members had assistants in attendance, a professional facilitator was hired to moderate, and  there was choke media coverage, including Maui News (writer and photographer,) Maui Now, Akaku Maui Community Television, and Maui TV News. See any and all of their reports for details .