“Tree” legislation has first hearing on Tuesday.

County Council-member Robert Carroll has proposed three bills in support on our county’s environment by planting and preserving many more trees throughout our islands. While a similar effort a decade ago failed, Carroll believes that crafting the bills to address some of the prior objections will offer a much improved chance of success this time around.

The first public hearing was held  Tuesday 9/17/13 at 1:30 PM before council member Don Guzman’s Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture and Recreation (EAR) committee, at which your Association testified in support of this first bill, labeled EAR-17. All public testimony was in favor of the bill, but after discussion by the committee, the bill was deferred to further examine some aspects of the legislation. Stay tuned for updates.


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2 Responses to ““Tree” legislation has first hearing on Tuesday.”

  1. Tree ordinances can be self-defeating. I had 3 Brazilian palm trees removed (shallow roots, and dirty and always over my roof)…. I would NOT like to have had permits and payments to government to take care of my property.

  2. Thanks for contributing, Judi. It is our understanding that niether this bill or either of the proposed others concerning trees will affect trees on homeowners property. While changes can happen as bills go through committee process, what we heard from several council members at this first hearing was seeking assurance that this would be the case, and they would not approve any requirements by homeowners and trees on their property. Be vigilant. Keep an eye and ear out on this proceeding.