UPDATE  5/25/15         BACK AGAIN  The very popular Double “D” Maui bus is back in Kihei this week. We have to assume the low hanging lines were raised, and the street trees were trimmed to everyone satisfaction, since the DOT told us nearly half a year ago (see below) the bus was ready to go. Now we’ll see for how long it runs this time

UPDATE 1/6/15 According to the County DOT, the Double D is mechanically sound, sitting in their yard, ready to return to service. So why is it off the road? Because of overhead obstacles such as low hanging wires and tree branches, possibly due to storms, is the official stated reason

We know this vehicle, when operationally ready, has run the Kihei Island route countless times with no such impediment. It is reportedly 14 ft high.

So the DOT will apparently work with the private utility companies whose lines cross over some roadways, and those responsible for tree trimming in Kihei and Wailea to insure that the Double D can pass clearly even during rain storms. Then it will be back on the route. So keep an eye out for it.

UPDATE   December 23, 2014. Sadly it seems the popular but extremely underutilized Double D bus remains off the road for yet another extended period of time. During it’s 2.5 years of proposed service, it has encountered numerous and sundry mechanical problems, and thus it has been “in the shop” more than on the road. Seasonal visitors are asking about it, so we have request into DOT for definitive information, but based on past performance, expect we can conclude the present situation.

UPDATE  May 21, 2014   Well it is back on SKR now. We will see how long the Double D remains in the game this installment. Stay tuned


March 9,2014 If just one of the team is out of the game, it is not always obvious,. But when the celebrity, the flashy star of the team is out of action, this draws attention Thus we quickly notice the only double-decker bus in the Maui Bus fleet is off the street again.

The unique vehicle began service back on July 6 of last year, but was soon out of service about 6 weeks later for repairs, and was gone for three months.. Well the second run was better, lasting about four months, but it is back in the shop again for repairs . We hope to see the star back in the game soon and to at least play a full season.