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County’s Urban Design Review Board (UDRB) gets earful from So Maui.

Walgreens box store not welcome in proposed Central Kihei location on SKR

Well over a dozen community members showed up this morning (6/2/15) at the County Planning building in Wailuku to voice their opinion about the current open air craft market next to McDonalds being replaced by a every day open chain “drug store,” Walgreens

Your Association testified using written communication we had transmitted to Walgreens team after reviewing this project late last year, reading our list of objections to the project. All four of the individuals we wrote to, including senior county planner Ann Cua ( in cc), spoke to this Board.

Other south Maui guys spoke, several from the immediate neighborhood, each & everyone objecting to locating the business at this location. No one spoke in favor of it.

The board members seemed to listen intently to the reasons for the objections from the public. Proceeding the public testimony, (save one resident who could not remain)Walgreens offered an extensive power point presentation to to the board.

The County Planning Department (Ann Cua) compiled the UDRB’s recommendation., which include being against the project at this location.

Look for a comprehensive professional report in the Maui News , likely tomorrow (6/3/15)

Before you can catch your breath, Walgreen is scheduled to go before the County Planning Commission (PC) next Tuesday 6/9/15 at 9:00 AM, and many of the same concerned community members intend to return to this same location to offer their concerns. KCA plans to be there as well.

The process is the UDRB offers its recommendation to the PC, and the PC offers their opinion to the County Council (another opportunity for public testimony).

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