What are they doing now on this North Kihei Corner of much Concern?

Most of our community seemingly agrees that nothing should be constructed on this portion of land which stretches mauka along the south side of Kaonoulu from So Kihei Rd to the Pi’ilani Highway, especially at the makai end, opposite the Maui Lu resort, which always floods even in a light rainstorm. The huge for sale signs remain, and now we see this heavy equipment on the sight this week (7/25/12.)

When KCA suggested that the County purchase the parcel to keep it in open space, we were advised by our Mayor and Councilman Don Couch that there were so many conditions and restrictions to build there, no one ever will. We hope the crew working the to do “survey work” are looking at a replacement SKR bridge, and not yet another building in the wetlands and floodplains.

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9 Responses to “What are they doing now on this North Kihei Corner of much Concern?”

  1. i hope they build a high rise condo.

  2. Unmani Cynthia Groves July 30, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    Is this the site for the International Villages and Cultural Center, a site designated in the Kihei-Makena Community Plan (1998) for a cultural center? I was aware that was wetlands area and had gulch area and the project extended from Piilani Hwy bordering No. Kihei Rd down to So. Kihei Rd. Not sure if it extended as far south to Kaonoulu Rd as well?

  3. When KCA Planning Committee heard a presentition about International Village, it was in area just mauka of old Suda Store between Uwapo & NKR. This land is well over a mile south, as it is south of Kaonoulu

  4. Does anyone know why the County assessor’s website indicates Lot 6 is zoned “Conservation” when the For Sale sign indicates it’s zoned

    Also, could someone please let me know where exactly Lot 19 is located? I can’t find it on the County assessor’s website.

    I guess I could call CBRE and ask them if I really wanted to know.


  5. Does anyone from the KCA community know, or has reviewed, exactly what the “conditions and restrictions” are on this site (the ones that the Mayor and Don Couch indicated there are) on the site)?

  6. This area FLOODS. Why would anyone want to build (or even get permits) on this parcel of land. Repair the bridge, but do not develop this land.

  7. Victoria re: 8-1 question. I don’t know if my first email went thru. Just in case it did not, my comment is that you should write the Mayor and Don Couch and ask them that question thereby putting them on the spot. TC

  8. It’s that time again, reelect no one!

  9. By my count 4/9 of County Coucil are reelected as they are unopposed, 2/9 will not be reelected as they termed out and cannot,so voters have that option of the remaining 1/3, Is anyone betting those 3 incumbents will not be back?