Two of the numerous county bus shelters projected for stops along the expanding bus routes are now under construction on each side of So. Kihei Rd at Uwapo intersection. While the northbound bus has stopped on the north end of intersection by the Nishiki Famers Market and ABC store, where it was able to pull off the roadway (if the driver choose to,) to allow for trailing vehicles to proceed, apparently not in the near future. The concrete pad, and now the shelter atop it are on the south side, where there is no room, so bus will stop in middle of northbound lane, blocking all trailing traffic. We questiioned why the bus stop was moved to a spot assured to cause a vehicle traffic jam. The answer supplied from the DOT is present stop (& pull out) is on private property, which the county decided not to purchase. Thus the stop, pad & shelter were installed in the county right of way, and bus will stop in the traffic lane.  Drivers, please be patient as you wait behind the stopped bus. Sadly the situation appears to be reoccurring at the Ohukai intersection as well. Is this positive progressive planning?