Topics for KCA’s monthly community meetings are generated by a variety of sources from community members, KCA members and KCA board members. When we receive strong concerted requests for a topic, we explore how it may be presented within our available parameters and resources, 75 minutes at the Charter School facility. If we believe we can, we next contact pertinent individuals to participate and seek availability and interest;  most times  topics of strong concern then become one of the monthly community meetings. Sometimes not

We were unable to achieve this recently on a reoccurring suggested topic focused of the Hawaii Commercial and Sugar (H C & S), and the parent company, Alexander and Baldwin (A & B) sugar cane production ‘s effect our environment, including the air quality and the effect on the near shore ocean waters. We contacted the companies as well as the agency responsible for monitoring our air quality, the State Department of Health’s Clean Air Branch (DOH CAB,) but both refused. However, the DOH CAB has advised they intend to have their own community meeting on this topic on Maui, and expect H C & S will participate. KCA will montor  this to see if they schedule a meeting this year.