Building a Wall to Divert Floodwaters?

UPDATE 5/27/12 Note asthetic appeal of natural stones over cinder block wall.

UPDATE 4/18/12 Major construction’s completed, now just some enhancements for beautification.


4/13/12. We certainly all well remember the mud floods in 12/10 and 1/11 as muddy water choke with all manner of debris rampaged down Haleakala, damaging numerous homes and businesses before devastating our near shore waters. One facility receiving extensive damage was the Whale Sanctuary at 726 SKR. In an apparent attempt to stem the flow of future occurrences, we see here ongoing construction at the front of the facility.

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One Response to “Building a Wall to Divert Floodwaters?”

  1. Build Bridges not Walls!

    Much of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana was due to the unintended consequences of how individually planned drainage and flood control projects work together when water levels rise. What will be the effects of multiple individual flood walls (many disguised as “fences” or “rock walls”)? St. Theresa’s Church also just built a huge rock wall that will channel water flow. These areas have received massive flooding from streams, ocean, and ground water level rise. How do built structures affect flooding, shoreline loss and other coastal hazards?