Sidewalks needed for South Kihei Road

For well over a quarter century, KCA has been advocating for a pedestrian and cyclist friendly community. Our Community Plan- see–makena-south-maui.html is riddled with verbiage concerning this, going back to last century. 
Last year KCA, led by our Director Linda Berry, began communication with Public Works Deputy Director Rowena Dagdag-Andaya about this community need. The helpful Director advised that there was a line item specific to sidewalks island wide, suggesting KCA offer some priority for determining more exacting locations of greatest need. Thus, these could be considered for potential inclusion for these funds.
Linda formed a small action team to take this on, and they have completed a professional document, outlining sidewalks needed for safety along a dangerous section of South Kihei Road. See the PDF document below. KCA has submitted this to the DPW and to our councilor, Don Couch, so that this proposal can be brought up and moved forward for funding in County Council.
If you think this is needed, remember KCA has no power to get this done, but your Council-member does. Reach out to Don at 270-7108 or email

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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2 Responses to “Sidewalks needed for South Kihei Road”

  1. Bike paths that go somewhere: I suggest we ask those who make the decisions to ride their bikes along the existing and planned routes. It’s a great start. However, for kids riding to school, bike paths just stop mid route, end and start up on the other side, or are not connected to any thing.

  2. Thanks for getting more involved Donna in your first membership year. We completely agree. Where is the connectivity for bike paths? bike lanes? sidewalks? How can you have a walkable bikeable community as called for repeatedly in the 1998 Community Plan?. Where is the overall planning? Imagine if you planned your life this way. It does not seem the decision makers are even riding bikes or walking in S Maui. So parents won’t let their kids ride bikes to school, so have to drive them–twice a day. KCA has been asking these questions for decades, but as more guys (like you) join, our voice gets louder