UPDATE  11/15/18  NO decisions yet- to be continued at 1:30 PM Wednesday 11/21/18.

No more public testimony then, but there was plenty this morning.  Stay tuned!


UPDATE 11/09/18   At 9:00 AM this Thursday in the Council Chambers (8th floor) the Council’s  Planning Committee, we see this matter is on the agenda. Anyone interested should try to attend or submit written testimony expressing concerns 


Continued high interest at meeting at St Teresa’s

9/12/17 #kihei
Jordan Hart of Chris Hart and Partners (CHP), working with 
Kelly King’s office, organized back to back meetings starting at 4:30 PM at the unpaved parking lot in the area of the Mana Kai resort in South Kihei. Initial meeting was a site visit at the land in question which is owned by the State of Hawaii and leased for use as an unimproved parking area, currently used by the beach-going public, customers of Sarento’s restaurant and Days Inn Oceanfront and perhaps others as well.

Background information here

Then at 5:30 PM was the next one at St Teresa’s Church on Lipoa at South Kihei Road for a presentation by CHP giving the long complex legal history of this lot and surrounding land area mostly owned by the State.

As the coconut wireless had been raging about supposed prohibiting all public parking, the meeting afforded reasonable explanation of the current status and potential future. Kelly King took input by show of hands of participating public preferences.

Since this was not a Council meeting, nothing was decided, and we understood it is unlikely the Council’s LUC will have a hearing on it this year. But when they do, she indicated it would be unlikely to pass when there is just a revocable month to month agreement between the hotel and DLNR. Sarento’s and Days Inn would like to pave and improve the parking lot at their own expense, but are unwilling to do so without a long-term lease. Some meeting attendees were against paving at all. Stay tuned.

About 80 concerned residents meet at the site in question

President of CHP met with County Planning Director just before addressing the group

Hotel Manager

Council member address the community at first meeting on site