12/4/18. #kihei 
This morning at 11:30 AM our resident Council member Kelly King conducted her eighth consecutive quarterly meeting with our board of directors to discuss a wide variety of community concerns. Our volunteers are very appreciative of how we are consistently included by Kelly not only in meetings with us in person at our office, but also in consistent frequent communication of all manners. Meeting topics ranged from recreation, transportation, development, legislation and education to public safety and more

Kelly’s office is working on a number of local issues on the mind of our South Maui community:

  1. The parking lot at Sarento’s and the Community Plan land use for the hotel there
  2. Sufficient crossing guard support for Kihei Charter School, and the two established traditional school students at the intersection of Lipoa and Pi’ilani Highway
  3. Clarification that the State Land Use Commission requires an overpass or underpass (beyond only a traffic light) for the students of the future High School being built by the Department of Education
  4. Find an organizer for Whale Day
  5. A Community Advisory Council for South Maui (as Hana has)
  6. Opposition to another 8-year extension to the Maui Lu developers in light of what we now know about sea level rise in that particular area; also the Kihei community desire for a roundabout rather than another traffic light at South Kihei Road and Kaonoulu
  7. Funding the North-South Collector Road with the new rental car tax