UPDATE  12/22/18  We also had no call back on Friday  from the Wastewater Division of the Department

12/20/18 #kihei

We are longtime advocates for reusing so-called wastewater, and see it a potential positive resource rather than an unwanted or unproductive item.

After wastewater is processed at the County’s Environmental Management Department’s Kihei plant, it is re-labeled R-1 water. This recycled water has a number of practical uses. Every ounce of recycled water saves the same amount of potable water.

Here we see commercial tanker trucks filling up at this access point, from the existing pipeline which also runs to numerous areas of South Maui. The R-1 water may be possibly used at the nearby housing construction project to help control dust, which is a common use of recycled water.

But we also noted there is a long black pipeline running north along the North-South Collector Road (NSCR) corridor to the Waipuilani River gulch and then mauka on the side of the gulch to points unknown.

The location leads us to consider the line will soon carry the R-1 product. However, the pipeline is not the prescribed color purple, which indicates R-1 water. This lack of labeling raises questions.

We did ask for answers from the Wastewater Division of the Department this afternoon, but our call has not yet been returned. Stay tuned.