Honu Resting at Kalepolepo Park Beach

Not a fish from the fishpond, nor a Humpback from the Sanctuary

#kihei  2/6/17  Yes,  it is right at the edge of the fishpond and right in front of the
Whale Sanctuary complex, but no, it is not a kohol?, nor an a’i, just
a big sea turtle resting on the sand, catching a few rays.

Someone did the pono action of drawing a large circle in the sand &
writing, DO NOT DISTURB! Fortunately most guys did so, but we saw
more than one going right up to it. And yes we educated them, but unable to monitor for long.


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3 Responses to “Honu Resting at Kalepolepo Park Beach”

  1. There is no law that says how close you can or cannot approach a turtle. The law states you cannot kill or harm them or possess turtle products. As long as you do not cause the turtle to flee, you are not harming nor disturbing it.

  2. Sad but true

  3. Kalepolepo Beach Park is in North Kihei and is the location of the ancient Hawaiian Ko’ie’ie fishpond. The fishpond s stone wall creates the shallow calm water perfect for paddling in, however, the problem is it is in close proximity to run off from some experimental chemical spraying in they near by fields leased by Monsanto.