2/6/17  The town meeting at Kihei Charter Middle School started right on time at 10:00AM on FEB 4, with about 20 guys attending to hear from our State Senator, swelling to 30 as the meeting progressed. KCA was well represented with three Directors & several community members.

Perhaps because of the perceived age of those attending, or just because it has been her long time priority, she opened by addressing kapuna care related bills, but soon moved to the major topic, the so-called Kihei High School (not the official name – it seems there is no official name yet, & we understand the Kihei Charter is already officially Kihei High School). While the groundbreaking occurred over a year ago, what we think we heard from Roz was that construction may begin in about a year for projected opening in 2022. 

While not a part of this morning’s meeting, we note that a Senate committee on education on Friday approved measures that would use taxes to help fund public education in Hawaii – but a House committee postponed making a decision on its version of the bills.The ultimate goal is a 2018 ballot measure regarding increased taxation to improve schools.

Roz offered a number of projected visuals of the buildings (see below). She stated to her relief and to KCA’s strong distress & objection, that the State DOT was not requiring a safe pedestrian/bicycle over- or underpass to access the school mauka of the Pi’ilani hwy. Not only does KCA strongly support an underpass, it is our understanding that both the State Land Use Commission and the County Council have a stated condition for this as part of required land use rules. Further Roz stated she believed that no other school in Hawaii has a safe passage of this type. Our response it is high time this outmoded planning was updated, and what better place to set a new higher, safer standard for our keiki than South Maui.

We remind everyone that the State DOE contracted with Architectural firm “Group 70″, who hired acknowledged traffic expert Dan Burton for this project. While we do not believe Group 70 has released the final product yet, we encourage you to look at his public presentation to our community over three years ago, as shown on our website at

The Senator addressed the value of public testimony, both in person and via the user-friendly State ledge website,http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/, the transition of our Maui County hospital system from public to private, invasive species concerns, and also answered numerous questions.

She can be reached at:
Senate District 6
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 230
phone: 808-586-6070
fax: 808-586-6071