#kihei  1/31/17

Last evening your Community Association gathered with several other similar organizations at the first 2017 Alliance of Maul Community Associations (Alliance) monthly meeting in Spreckelsville.

Additionally two of our newly elected Council members, our Kelly King and Yuki Lei Sugimura were attending to hear Planner Jen Maydan present to the group, while joined by the long-range division staff sitting in support,  concerning updating the long overdue Kihei-Makena Community Plan (KMCP), as well as other plans. Maui Metropolitan Transportation Organization (MPO) Executive Director Lauren Armstrong explained what this newly (5/4/16) formed government entity is doing.

The seven-member MPO board was revised to begin the year, partially due to Council election and also apparently due to Council Chair White’s decision. The County Administration’s three department directors, Chair David Goode from DPW; Will Spence of Planning; and DOT (buses) Don Medeiros remain as does State DOT Chair Ford Fuchigami, but while Molokai’s Stacy Crivello remains, Kelly King replaced Don Couch and Yuki Lei Sugimura replaced Elle Cochran.

The planning segment was 75 % of the allotted two hour meeting for the thirty guys attending from about eight Community Associations. Jen Maden offered an organized power point presentation, followed by a series of tough challenging questions ,

The next Alliance meeting is set for February 27 at 6:00 PM.