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Feb. 7th – Open House to Review South Maui Community Park Master Plan

UPDATE 2/8/19. Commencing at 4:30 PM a good public turnout indicated interest in how this major park is developed, even though actions  are likely 4 or 5 years away.                                               2/4/2019 #kihei #park The public is invited to review and comment on three concept options for the South Maui Community Park Master Plan Update, according to the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). The open house is on Thursday, February 7 from 4:30 – 7:30 PM...

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UPDATE *****DRC examines new Central Kïhei Project this week.

UPDATE 6/27/17 #kihei We reviewed this project almost two years ago, and now they are s scheduled before the Maui Planning Commission this Tuesday June 27 at 9:00 AM in Wailuku SEE Item C 2 If you have an interest or concern now is the time to let the Commission know. We plan to offer a general update of the larger pending Kihei proposed projects in the next few days. Stay tuned.   8/21/15 : Seeing presentation at its proposed location offered good perspective to committee members who participated on Thursday Our Design Review Committee (DRC) was sitting in the middle of a garden Thursday morning listening to owner Mike Farina and his architect August Percha present their concepts on developing South Maui Gardens on Auhana in a mixed use project. They were accompanied by the rest of their team. The committee retired to the KCA office to discuss and complete our Smart Growth Scorecard, to evaluate this preliminary look at this very interesting and unusual project. The completed scorecard should be delivered to the two gentlemen next week, when the are welcome to continue discussion with KCA, likely offering more specifics so the scorecard can address numerous topics which were not rated....

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South Maui Coalition of Community Associations (SMCCA) Revived

Originally organized more than a decade ago, the group has decided to become active again this month, upon the first meeting on Thursday 4/24/14. Composed of Makena Homeowners Association, Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association, Wailea Community Association and your Association, with possible additional organizations as it proceeds, the SMCCA is looking to use the power on unification to advance the cause of making South a better place to live. Some of the potential issues are expected to be transportation (motor vehicle, bicycling, pedestrian and mass); drainage; electrical power and distribution; development with regard to required infrastructure and the upcoming renewal of the Kihei Makena Community Plan. There is expected to also examination of numerous more narrow topics concerning the quality of life for our residents. KCA by laws make it clear at the time of inception over fifty years ago, that the Kihei District included Maalaea, Kihei, Wailea and Makena. We also note the the Kihei-Makena Community Plan district includes all of this, and also extends out through Puunene as far as the Mehameha Loop . Thus an alliance of organizations spread through the area fits with the original plan, in spite of the huge growth and development since the beginning. Watch for future updates as the Coalition progresses. Note: KCA Past President George Rixey directed KCA during inception of SMCCA, and is stiil active in KCA and our community...

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Strong turn out for Council’s Budget Committee meeting in Kihei

When Chairman Mike White gaveled the meeting to order at the Community Center shortly after announced 6:00 PM start last evening (4/14/14), several KCA guys joined almost 100 others to participate in the Budget and Finance Committee of the County Council’s annual visit to South Maui to listen to the comments on the FY2015 County Budget. Over 40 testifiers began their pleas to the committee on topics ranging from the numerous non-profits funding requests to help the disadvantaged, Maui High band members, the Humane Society and Kihei Youth Center, as more people proceeded flowing into the cavernous facility, most signing up to offer their opinion, but others just to listen. Two topics were recurring, support for the Kihei gym at the regional park, and “no new taxes” from several South Maui residents, referring to the mayor’s proposed increases in real estate taxes and water rates and fees Your Association offered our input requesting several familiar Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), led by the decades long plea for the North South Collector Road connection of the numerous disjointed segments, and to at least construct a reasonable green way for bicyclists and pedestrians along this corridor, even if no roadway is constructed. We also offered our support for the gym construction. We stressed that our area get a fair proportion of the CIP funds, unlike 2014 FY budget, where Kihei Makena received...

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KHAT meets with new Board of Education Representative

This past week  Andrew Beerer, Laura Marzke and Yvonne Biegel (members of the Kihei High School Action Team) met with Grant Chun the new Board of Education representative for Maui County. The purpose of the meeting was to give Mr. Chun an overview of the Kihei High School project and get him up to speed. It was also conveyed to Mr. Chun how critical the Board of Education position is to the welfare of our public schools on the island. We operate in a state-centric school system with no local school boards. The Governor appointed BOE rep. is a...

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May 21, 2019

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KCA welcomes Amanda Cording to update us on the alternative plan she is working on for the South Maui Drainage Plan, offering a Low Impact Design instead of additional concrete culverts and stream diversions.

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