Double Decker Bus comes to Kihei– Now you see it- now you don’t

UPDATE:  August 27, 2013  WHERE’S  DA BUS??  After over a month as a frequent sight on roads & highways of South and Central Maui- Gone. But the County DOT provides the answer: A/C down and waiting for parts

UPDATE July 5, 2013  Look for the first one tomorrow on the Kihei Islander Route starting at 6:30 AM


UPDATE: June 20,2013 Maui County DOT has announced that the double decker’s should be on the Kihei roads in the next few weeks, as soon as all possible routes have  been verified for vertical clearance, which includes raising all over head lines. Seemingly all trees have been removed or modified to prevent interference. Watch out for the new buses on a road near you.

UPDATE; MAR 12, 2013 According to  County Government, yes they are and very soon. See Maui Now report:  will be on our roads in a few weeks.

ORIGINAL POST OCT 12, 2012  As the bus shelters are being erected along SKR in North Kihei, it now appears that the newly purchased double decker style buses might be stopping there by the end of this year. Originally planned for the West side routes, numerous height challenges in that area are causing consideration of utilizing them on South Maui routes. Stay tuned for updates.

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6 Responses to “Double Decker Bus comes to Kihei– Now you see it- now you don’t”

  1. Carole Eiserloh November 5, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Happy to see Maui is increasing bus service. Would like to see a bus route that does only KIHEI And Wailea. Bet users would grow substantially.

  2. GREAT, just what Maui needs more traffic! 🙁

  3. Sorry I can’t edit the last comment. Maui should ban all the buses and remove them from the streets, at least in locations where they stop on the street blocking traffic because there is no bus pull over section.

  4. Is the bus back on the road yet?

    Any schdule of the bus?

    Many thanks

  5. See the most recent post about the double decker March 9, 2014

  6. Found the post..shame is off the road when my visit is coming in one week time.