As the implications, if not the actual effects, of Tropical Storm Darby made a go or or no go decision a few hours before the event, it was no surprise that this one had the smallest turnout of about 50 guys. There is really no way to know if a 4:00 PM announced start on a Sunday (7/24/16) had any influence.

So all five candidates for the triple W district seat assembled at Wailuku Community Center this afternoon (7/24/16) brought out concerned citizens, Darby be damned. With President Tim Lara off to Philly for the National Party convention, it was an all Wahine team running the show, and doing a fine job.

It was a non-confrontational event full of Aloha, with even a candidate’s comment that any one of them could do a fine job, but we certainly observed distinctions.

The absence of any large bright colorful (expensive?) signage by Hana Steele was glaring from the go. Once the opening statement and answers to questions progressed, after a late (4:38PM) start, we sure heard distinctions. concerning proposed County Manager, district voting and future development.

Akaku, Maui Community Media, once again was on hand recording the meeting for future viewing on CH 55


Next up is the Young Farmers at Baldwin H. S. Wednesday evening.

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