9/13/18 #Kihei

So why are we reporting about the 9/13/18  State Land Use Commission’s (LUC) hearing on land in Waiehu? It is not the location, but the action the LUC took regarding the land.

Eleven years ago, the use of a 116-acre Waiehu property had been approved to have its classification changed from agriculture to urban for a proposed development. The development did not happen.

The commissioners stated they were obligated to rule unanimously in favor of returning the Waiehu’s land status to agriculture because there had been no substantial commencement of the proposed land project and also that other conditions had gone unmet.

While it is not exactly the same, it is certainly  similar to the Kihei’s Ka’ono’ulu  (A94-706) “MegaMall” lands. The LUC had agreed to change the land’s classification from agriculture to urban thirteen years ago. So far, nothing has happened with that development.

So, could this action by the LUC to revert the Waiehu land’s classification back to agriculture foretell what could happen in November for the Kihei land?  It is certainly something that is pondered by many.

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