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Special Edition of Akaku Show “Crossroads” June 30 6 PM

This is not a KCA event, but we post it as a public service due  to the community value the program offers at this onerous time.

The bimonthly show “Crossroads” is hosted by Huelo community activist, respected policy analyst and co-author of highly-regarded, published research on Maui’s water, Lucienne DeNaie. 

Lucienne De Naie, Akaku television host (Image: MauiTomorrow)

The show focuses on issues which impact nonprofits and events across a political spectrum. It airs every other Tuesday, and a special edition of the show will be broadcast on June 30th at 6 PM.


Reportedly, several guest panelists will appear on the show June 30th  to discuss the choices Maui faces in potentially diversifying Maui’s economy away from a large dependency on tourism and tourism-related businesses.



 The panelists include:

  • Linda Puppolo, with a long history of leadership with Maui small businesses and nonprofits, and who currently serves as Executive Director for the Maui County Workforce Development Board 
  • Jeanne Skog, who has served 21 years as President & CEO of the Maui Economic Development Board, and who currently serves on the advisory board of the Hawai‘i Budget and Policy Center and chairs the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii
  • Shay Chan-Hodges, the author of “Lean on and Lead: Mothering and Work in the 21st Century”, currently Co-organizer, Maui ESG Project and Ahupua`a Investment Summit
  • Leslie Wilkins, longtime leader in business and professional women’s organizations and MEDB Women in Technology Project, currently President & CEO of MEDB and chair of County Workforce development board.

    Jeanne Skog (image: skograsmussen.com)

    Shay Chan-Hodges (image: Honolulu Star Advertiser)

    Leslie Wilkins (image: hmsafoundation.org)







The show will be recorded live on Zoom, simulcast on Akaku’s Facebook page and  AKAKU Channel 54. Questions from viewers are welcomed and may be posted in the comments section during the livestream on Facebook.