Were you satisfied with laws passed, or NOT passed in this year’s session?

11/7/17 #kihei
Most actions by our state government come from our legislators in both the State Senate and House. Were you disappointed when one of our reps stopped actions to lessen or ban use of harmful sunscreens which are helping to destroy our coral reef system? Did you approve of the name change of the Mokulele Hwy to Maui Veterans’ Hwy? How about the approval of stopping aquarium fish collectors? (Yes the governor vetoed their approval, but the Hawaii Supreme Court trumped that decision, so decisions do go beyond the ledge sometimes)

The Public Access Room (PAR) division of the ledge is the non partisan information team that can help you in so many way, and they are back in Kihei next Thursday, 12:30 PM at the Kenolio Recreation Center. Check it out.