UPDATE 4/8/19   Over the last year we receive inquires about this proposed project, increasingly in past few months as construction projects surrounding the land commence. The obstinate State DOE fighting the safe underpass just mauka.  Other factors in the region, such as the Draft Kihei Master Drainage Plan overall rejection by the community, as we announced Amanda Cording will be back at KCA on May 21 with a low impact design (LID) plan perked interest. Then concern for the FY 2020 County budget district meeting tomorrow evening at KCA; would the KCA proposed prefab bridge on SKR crossing this same river gulch be funded (assuming Public Works agrees this time)?  Are there sidewalks being constructed along SKR near here? What happened to the roundabout at Kaonoulu? Sure seems we need a holistic overview.  Stay tuned


Land owner’s representatives will be there (in the flat land area off the south shoulder of Kaonoulu Street, just makai of the Kenolio Villas)  to identify the land area and answer questions. As you can see this event is scheduled immediately before the County Council’s Budget and Finance Committee annual meeting for the new (FY2019) county budget just a few blocks away at the Community Center on Lipoa, set to commence at 6 PM

To be clear these are NOT KCA events, but furnished here for community awareness. These are opportunities to learn as well as to offer your input.


5-26-17 #kihei *As the general community is starting to digest the “Kihei Drainage Master Plan” presented to the community on 5/16 by Director David Goode at our membership meeting see https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/david-goode-brings-out-the-community-on-tuesday-evening-unveiling-kihei-drainage-master-plan-at-kca-meeting , a hui of KCA and area landholders at Kulanihakoi River gulch assembled again at KCA office to proceed with formulating a plan to foster changing a frequent flooding ocean polluting problem into a community asset.

This is not a new concept. Unfortunately too often outstanding plans are created to advance community plan concepts  (e.g. a walkable bikeable community,) but instead of being implemented, they are shelved. For the most part such has been the case with the “South Maui Region Parks & Open Space Master Plan” from 2003, but it was not lost nor forgotten by concerned residents, including KCA.

 Now a segment of that plan, using  privately owned land  along the Kulanihakoi river gulch, just south of Kaonoulu Street is being proposed for he Kulanihakoi Greenway Park extending from South Kihei Rd. (SKR) up to and under the Pi’ilani Highway.