Claire Carroll

Shane Senenci


8/31/18/18 #kihei 

Be sure not to miss this one where you can hear from two very well-known Maui guys vying to be your mayor for the next four years; as well as two much lesser-known guys running for East Maui representation on Maui Council.

Is there anyone anywhere who is NOT aware that you need to vote for all nine IF you want to decide on your legislative representation?

You may be completely satisfied living in the South Maui district with your representative who lives here too.


But she can do very little for you by herself, as she needs four others in agreement for any Council action, so you better select a good team, regardless of where they live.

While the County Charter- see – 

requires all nine members to represent the entire county, not their district of residency,  that line gets fuzzy. We observe some members who frequently do just that, but you want the overall best team.  So, it is important to learn about each member. We suspect not many people know very much about Claire Carroll nor Shane Senenci. Here is your chance to correct that. On Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30 PM, listen to how they answer questions on South Maui concerns

Now the mayoral race has two high profile candidates, as opposed to the campaign for East Maui representation. Most people are aware Elle Cochran is a seasoned councilwoman, and Mike Victorino served for 5 Council terms (10 years) before he had to stop due to term limits a few years ago.

But do you know them as members of a nine-player team, and not the sole administrator? Now that they are running for mayor, how well can they make that transition? Come to listen to what they have to say.

We will be setting up the room at St. Theresa hall a bit before 6:00 PM, and we expect many candidates, forum participants and not, will be there early, so if you want to talk story with them, this is a great opportunity. Be sure you are seated for the forum, as the meeting will start right at 6:30 PM.

At the beginning of the meeting, there will be a brief membership vote to select KCA members for the nominating committee (NomCom) who will interview KCA candidates for the 2019 Board.  Then it will be time to bring on the County government candidates.

Our continuous drive for all those generous Maui Food Bank donations of nourishing non perishable food to feed our “community in need” are encouraged. Admission is free, even if you are not a KCA member (but you should be!) There is no need to register to attend & no commitment needed to become a member.   But it is pono to  step up with a generous donation.



Mike Victonioo