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7/12/16 We already advised the Young Democrats say no Republicans at thIs Monday evening event in Kihei, but that did not mean it was one happy family. The three Dem candidates for the S Maui residency Council seat offer many similarities on issues while each stated clearly their own points of view in unique ways.

But when the final segment was State Ledge, Dist 11 incumbent Ing vs challenger Tegarden it was more like “family feud”, as strong differences were pronounced. (See Maui News article publised this morning.)

With well over 100 in the cavernous Community Center, a well organized meeting once again was presented by the Young Dems. While the twin presenters had an understandable challenge getting started (we have been there), but Tim Lara (Pres) & Arianna Feinberg (VP) nudged the boisterous group mostly to attention to explain the process & program and introduce the Council Candidates (absent incumbent Couch, a Republican) for the non partisan contest, DeLeon, King and Metcalfe.

Numerous other candidates not involved in the program were present & filled out the perimeter of the room with handouts and signs.

In our opinion the majority attending have already formed opinions, while we expect organizers hope guys uninformed would attend to learn about the candidates and be able to make informed choices

We thank the Young Dems for organizing this event and for announcing our upcoming one this Tuesday. 7/19/16 at KCMS.