Or is it the Alliance of South Maui???

8/23/18 #kihei
At the height of Monday evening’s meeting, we counted fifteen guys, and nearly half of them were KCA (makai) members; KCA (mauka) upcountry guys were three, and Haiku, Pukalani, Wailuku, and Waihe’e were also represented.

The discussion revolved around how life on Maui has changed, and not for the better. It made for interesting discussion, as in addition to the group living in a variety of regions, there was also a wide spectrum of longevity on island. Some born here, some having lived here for nearly half a century, some just this century, some just a few years, but all can speak to negative change.

Even allowing two hours, not all topics were covered, but lack of infrastructure; deteriorating environment; challenges to cultural practices; and no truly affordable housing to rent nor purchase were the top points.

Solutions were tougher, but voting for best candidates & getting rules & laws enforced were two priorities.

The meeting closed with a sample vote of all 10 county races by everyone present as a “straw poll.” The next meeting at the Kaunoa center is set for September 24.