What are you doing on Friday? If you have the morning off, after a late breakfast you can meander to the bright green patch makai of the Pi’ilani Highway in Central Kihei to hear the blessing of Kihei’s newest park. The first phase of this long awaited regional park is scheduled to open this Friday, July 30, with a blessing at 10:00 AM.


Do you hear the joyful noise from the kikei as they race around the playground area, while parents relax at the nearby picnic tables?


How about calls to “get a hit,” or “go for two” among the chatter on the ball field, while in the bleachers a glowing parent exclaims, “did you see my kid out there!” before slipping away for a cold drink between innings at the nearby refreshment stand?


Maybe just a leisurly stroll along the pathway, before stopping for a seat on the park bench, to view the majesty of  Haleakala in the background. Then if you biked to the park, or even if you didn’t, it may be time to head north on Liloa to the corner of Pi’ikea for a plethera of blessings, as the county administration has a ceremony to not only officially open the Kihei greenway bike lane, but also break ground on Kihei’s first (of many?) roundabout at this intersection.