The KCA is engaged in a project to produce and install signage for the South Maui Coastal Trail system. This trail, in some form or another runs along our entire coastline. It covers areas of State and County lands including many Maui County Parks. It also includes transition areas from one beach park to another. Some pathways are along the beach and some are in State Reserve Land areas along the coastline. At some areas trail hikers have to exit the trail and travel along a roadway if there are revetment walls or other obstructions that would block the coastal pathway. This entire system covers almost 10 miles of South Maui coast line.

Please take some time to review the first working draft for a trail map/ sign that would be displayed at many of the most popular trail site entrances. These 28″ X 20″ signs would be mounted in the ground at these locations and would be oriented so that you face the sign as you look up and down the coastline. The map/ signs would give you landmarks to look for along the way and would tell you about basic services provided at nearby locations. Also located periodically along the trail would be the traditional small trail marker signs that would indicate that you were traveling on public land. Please review the draft signage and feel free to make suggestions to the KCA.

The May 18th KCA community meeting will be introducing these map/ signs to the community and your input and participation would be appreciated. The KCA will be required to complete an SMA application for this project along with needing to gain permission from various State and County authorities. We will also be working with the Wailea Community Association and other associations on this project.